Adding a Location

  • Click on the map.  Search for a road name or venue, select an item from the popup and then press the button "geocode this location". Drag the location marker if necessary.
  • "News" items include a date, featured image and gallery. Adding a date automatically adds the event to the Calendar.
  • Click "Front page" to add the item to the home page, in date order (delete the publishing date - not the event date - to reset it to today. "Sticky" puts the item at the top.
  • "News" includes both upcoming events and reportbacks.

H.O.G.® Riders Digest - Issue 2018-02

Your guide to rallies, events, H.O.G.® member news, views & interviews in Southern Africa. If extended stories are available, links are provided at the end of this page

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Sponsored & Published by H.O.G./H-D Africa
Editorial & Photography - Angelique Dermit:
Errors in the current issue - Dianne Volek:

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Extended articles (with extra photos!)